Octave Fuzz

Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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Octave Fuzz

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I'll start with a short story. :)
I had a VOX Trike Fuzz pedal lying around for couple of years.
I was never able to get the tones I need, so it never made it to my pedal board.
Recently I tried to sell the pedal & found the "instructions manual". Discovered that I was using it all wrong. :crazy:
Just switching to neck pickup made all the difference.
Now it's one my favourite pedals.

That brings another dilemma.
I'm in the process of making a small pedal board with mini pedals and that pedal is a big ass pedal. :mad:
Any recommendations on good mini octave fuzz pedals?
So far my research has lead to Pigtronix Octava Micro. Not sure I can get the same tone, but I think I could dial it something similar.
Curiously strong mints.

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