Self built and self assembly ;)

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BY StratMatt
I just bought some from the guy that runs this wood turning shop: ... ing-Sealer

He was only 40min drive away from me so I shot over to pick it up. He's got all sorts of cool hand tools and other bits and pieces as well. Reckons he's selling plenty of the aerosol cans to wannabe guitar builders.
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BY Molly

I took the aerosol of nitro Olympic white off my shelf today for the first coat on my Strat refin. Warmed it in hot water for a bit as I always do. It came out shit. Splattery and pissy. Maybe it has a shelf life. This'd be about two years old. No big deal. I'll grain fill and sand then buy a new can.
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BY Molly
ChAoZ wrote:I have a lot of Mirotone MIROLAC NC Nitro at work, all left overs from my bosses last company - in cans so you will need spray equipment

I tried hooking-up my wee Humbrol airbrush to my 2hp compressor just to see how it went. Not great to be honest. I'd happily buy a small spray gun if I could get hold of hobbyist quantities of nitro clear / stain etc. Was wondering about a coat of amber clear over Olympic White for a more aged look.