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BY bingbing

Ive got this old amp I haven't used for long while (10+ years). I plugged it in a few months ago and it all seemed to go fine.


My plan is to get rid off of it but understand that these should be serviced after such a long period of no use.

I'am after some advice:
Is this necessary?
If so and pointers who could do this? central north island location.
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BY Anvil Amps Alan
These guys would buy it and give advice: https://www.facebook.com/groups/255658085128294
I have repaired many of them but I am in Howick Auckland.
BY bingbing
Cool, thanks a lot for that link. I will chat with those guys.

I'm not actually sure it needs any repair, the amp is loud as hell, seems to work well, both the Reverb and Tremolo seem to work good controlled off the foot switch. I'd just like someone to give it a once over so I can sell it knowing all is good with it.
I'm sure I will get a steer from those guys.

Thanks again.
BY jubbathehog
I have a Holden 50 which I got off trade me last year. It hadn't had any work done to it in a long time and sounded great when I got it. After playing at loud volume, one channel started making a weird noise and I took it to Jared at Rectified Amps in Wellington for a look over. (He's awesome). He replaced some of the capacitors and resistors, and put in some new valves and it sounded even better than before. Very rock n roll. I bought it knowing I would get it serviced, and it didn't cost a lot to get it sounding amazing.
If it's difficult for you to get it serviced and it sounds OK as is, I'd recommend selling it making clear that it might need a look over. If the buyer has to replace a few capacitors or what ever, it wont cost them much, and they will have an awesome sounding amp and a piece of NZ history.