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BY mrmofo
I decided to scribble a quick review on the Mesa Subway Pre.
Primarily because there isn't a ton of info out there for this little light bass fiend.
There are a few video demos on youtube you may have already seen, in the videos the knobs are turned while a dude is punching in a bassline.
that is the reason why I thought I would put clickys to the interstation:
the demos don't do this thing any justice. each small tweak on any of the 7 knobs or 5 switches can drastically change the tone. during the videos it`s impossible to fully grasp how much tonal change is really happening, it`s almost too subtle.
I wont list the features, the other revies do that far better than I could. except:
no on/off switch, just plug into the Input and use one or both of the Balanced outputs:
there are two balanced outs and a Thru out. the thru out is unaffected by the EQ and Volume from the unit.
the top row of knobs, input, bass, treble, master. all self explanatory at first glance, the master does not control the Di out put volume. Master volume works in Preamp out only.
the lower three control knobs are a tweakers dream.
The Voicing control set to far left, starts out where your bass naturally sounds, its your bass tone, start moving the voicing knob clockwise to activate your new bass tone. every small increment matters. the video demos rush over this far too quickly imo. the next two knobs, Low Mid and High Mid change the tone more drastically. heaps, oodles, bunches of change. from strange boxy tong-tong to full fat wall bending knacker rattling boomastoid.
so much bass. you can almost touch it. on some settings its an easy task to induce tones so low, a French Submarine will interpret your signal as a Christmas message from Apollo 11. it`s that bassy. easily enough bass to do that.
there are so many good tones locked behind these two knobs alone, hi-md and low-mid.
leave every other knob at 12 noon and just play with these two first.
it took me a few minutes to find the tone I liked the best, I was using my cashconverters squire through a desk into a roland sub, by-amped to JBL tops. suddenly, there is was, my old bass tone from 1994. ahhh I remember it well, I had my KirtCobain small green jumper on, I did end up banging that blond a few times after that, she was a bit of a drainer so it didn't progress but hey.
I cant wait to use this on a recording. its basically an ultra small bass amp. apparently it can run a power amp. I will try this shortly and if there is any interest I will update as the honeymoon period ages.