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BY jimi
Looking for options around a dirt pedal that doesn't clean up when I roll back the volume.

Currently I use a DLSv3 for my dirty rhythm sounds, which sounds great, but its very loud. There are 2 guitarists in my band and sometimes I want to dial back the volume a bit while still having a good chunky rhythm sound - with the DLS Im finding it cleans up before it drops down enough.

Are there any good options for a dirt that adds the same amount of dirt regardless of how much volume you are putting out?
I get this sort of thing when I have my noise gate on.
Could you put a volume pedal at the end of your chain?

I'm struggling to think of pedals that don't clean up when you turn the volume down on the guitar. I'm sure there are some though.
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BY H671
My Danelectro Fab overdrive is always driving even with the pedal drive control turned right down, but they probably aren"t cork sniffery enough for you. :lol:
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BY jimi
Rolling the volume down on the guitar.

Using either a 1974x 18watter, or Bellbird, so single channel small combo either way. Have another pedal set up for boost with just a little grit for lead.

Will try out a rat and see how that goes. Good to have an excuse to walk up to music planet at lunch time.
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BY jimi
Zaulkin wrote:Could you put a volume pedal at the end of your chain?

Does make sense to do that, but I’m trying to keep the pedal board to a manageable size, it’s already pedal Tetris with 6 on there.
I have the Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde on my board and I love it, massively underrated in my opinion.
Two pedals in one, TS-808 on the Jekyll side, and they say it's basically a RAT on the Hyde side.

There's one on Trade Me at the moment for $99.00 Buy Now which is good value. (No affiliation)
That's also the best version, built like a tank.
Ahhhh yeah! Those are great too.

I have the Catalinbread SFT from the 'Foundation Series', so it's an Ampeg style 'Amp in a box' type deal. Also a nice option for just having a solid dirt foundation that responds like an amp when you dig in.