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BY Hellwig
Struggling with keeping interest & inspiration practicing in bedroom, so i'm looking for a band to join and/or other players to jam with. Car stolen recently so no wheels atm. West Auckl.

Play & listen to: rock, hard rock, metal, guitar instrumental, occasional 80's pop. GnR, Satriani, Nirvana, Led, Zep, AC/DC etc. Put up a few Satriani cover YT vids a few years ago, view them here: ... C0fyyejaSw[youtube][/youtube]

PS: Be careful out there! :geek:
I doubt you will find any interest without transport is the bain of every bands existence and sadly usually the drummer, who is the most gear to lug around :rofl:
Welcome to the forum!
Will check out your videos when I get home, my work frowns upon youbookfacetube.
Sorry about the the car, at least you're not relying on Wellington public transport.
Insomnia is a bitch.
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BY jimi
I have some great memories of being in a band and not owning a car... Always had a drummer with a car at least, else we'd never have got to gig.

At school I just had a little 10w practice amp, but remember cycling to School with my bass over my shoulder

At uni In Dunedin, once carried a ~20kg amp and bass from Caversham to North East Valley, got a cab there, couldnt afford one back the other way ... according to google maps thats 6.6kms. In hindsight, bloody glad it didnt rain.

After a gig at the Vic uni student bar - Eastside? I carried my amp and 2 guitars back to my flat in Aro valley - that was a pretty short walk, but the amp I had then was about 30kg, so I remember stopping a few times.

somehow never really felt like I needed a car till I got to Auckland... not sure I'd be doing too much walking with my gear up here though. Its 45ks from home to where my band practice, with no bus route at the far end.