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BY sty
Looks like a great time was had, sad I couldn't be there but this time of year is hectic at the best of times but it's the last weekend with our Japanese exchange student so had to be available to do stuff.
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BY hamo
I have questions...

I hate to be that guy, but is there somewhere I can see all the photos in one place without having to click into each one individually? They're a little... large in my browser.

What Axe is Mark rocking, and what speaker is he using?
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BY hamo
jeremyb wrote:AxeFX III into kdawgs cab with a celestion blue and a greenback, sounded amazing!!

Nice. I have a hankering to go back to digital but my usual budget... :crazy: :roll:
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BY GrantB
Nice work lads. who owns the Talman?
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