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BY Kiwiaxe
Broke my damn volume pot on my Vigier. It says its a 500k, although interestingly apparently newer Vigiers now use 1M.

1. Best quality pot? (I'm guessing its still CTS?)
2. Where might I find one to buy in Auckland on a Saturday? Otherwise, I guess I'll have to order one in from guitarparts and do it next week.
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BY Single coil
They tend to carry dimarzio pots, 500k/1m.
I have a stack of used [average quality] pots you can go through if ya want.
BY Mattallica
In store will probably be dimarzio from rockshop. I've had a few Seymour duncan ones from musicplanet and they've been dry/squeaky out of the box.

If you order one next week, I think Tonelounge still have emerson pots? Much more economical than buying from guitarparts
BY Kiwiaxe
Thanks for the comments all - are Dimarzio pots any good? I can just pop in to local Rockshop and get one but I didn't know if they are as good as other options
BY Mattallica
Google is telling me that dimarzio pots are rebranded CTS. Makes sense to me. I bought a couple of long shaft ones a while back and they felt quality, looked similar etc
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BY ToneLoungeMatt
We do our own pots now. Ordered direct from CTS in insane quantities for our Obsidian products.

Dimarzio and Emerson pots are also CTS.

Seymour Duncan pots are lower grade Bourns I believe.
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BY sizzlingbadger
The Dimarzio spec'd CTS pots are nice, they have a "low torque" action, nice and easy/smooth to turn.
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BY handsoffmatt
The DiMarzio pots are CTS, but not a simple rebrand. They are built to DiMarzio's specific taper spec. They are great and regularly in stock at Rockshop.
BY Kiwiaxe
Got a dimarzio 1M from the Rockshop (Vigier apparently now recommends 1M). Installed it this morning. I don’t even appear to have fucked it up! Rocking away on it again.

The Vigier is my only Floyd guitar and it can be rather fun!