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Hi guys,

Does anyone have a double guitar gig bag for sale?

A Mono bag or Gator Progo Gigbag for 2x Electric guitars would be ideal.

I'm also after a Fractal EV-2 expression pedal as the small size would fit my board perfectly.

I have may have stuff to trade/ bargain with here: http://www.nzguitars.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=35384

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From my personal experience (I have a Mono double) I wouldn’t go for any “cheap” version of a double case. Once you start using a double case you realise how much it has to take in terms of knocks, weight, twisting etc and whilst the Mono handles all of that, I still wouldn’t use it for some more fragile - eg Gibsons - guitars.
Zaulkin wrote:
The Scarecrow wrote:
Zaulkin wrote:Yeah, I used to have a Gator one - They're great. I was silly and sold it. Derp.

I'm still thankful you did :) :rofl:

They're great eh? :) Maybe I should just make you be the backup packhorse.

Maybe Eder needs to start bringing a backup guitar :P