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BY Jehu
Actually come to think of it, I remember him mentioning that he had a few larger projects coming up (which resulted in about a 3 day turnaround for my amp!)... so maybe he's just busy at the moment.
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BY Capt. Black
Clarry is still going strong. He's still very quick and exceptionally well priced.
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Bg wrote:
NippleWrestler wrote:Probably a good thing. He ruined my dual rectifier. Eventually he refunded me but "forgot" what he did so I couldn't fix it.

I ended up taking it to the rock shop who had to undo clarrys mistake and then begin anew. I'm convinced clarry is a hack.

Don't think you'll get much mileage out of that, lots of people know and admire Clarry's work. I've been to him once, and he was great for the job. I'm surprised he touched your dual rec. I'm not saying it didn't happen, just most peoples experience has been the opposite.

As an aside:
Jansen did sweet fuck all to the Carvin I had which sounded like shit, and charged me 300 bucks for the privilege. It was the best amp I'd ever played for exactly one gig, then something went pop. Jansen being the carvin dealer, I presumed they could fix. They changed all the valves, charged me 300 bucks for labour, and it still sounded like shit.

Correction: Im informed the whole bill was 240, waves at Simon, however it was still broken and still sounded like shit. Just saying.
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BY willow13
goldtop0 wrote:And John Gilmore is still going strong down in Hamilton also.

oh I thought he was done ... good to know he is still an option. Have a valveking that does not go so next tronfest I might take it to him
BY goldtop0
mugamee wrote:Hi Team,

Can anyone pm me Clarry's contact details

Google audio34 that'll get him.