Self built and self assembly ;)

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I don't really know what I'm doing yet or what I need more of, once I get my tools I'll practice on cheaper guitars I have lying around until I build up confidence.

I would like to make a fret rocker, rather than using a credit card ha ha.

I got a reasonably priced fret rocker from AliExpress ages ago. Well made (steel?) and all the edges are true when measured against straight edges I have.

Thanks, I'll have a look.

My mistake... these guys... not sure if it's any cheaper than StewMac ... 0823554398
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stewmac have manufactured a business of luthier tools - some are indispensable but others are solutions to problems that don't actually exist.
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seriously though, I'm sure I'd offered before, but we could do something here. I can cut rules down to the right size for fret rocking, cut files and make blocks for fret end dressing (90 degrees and 35 degrees), remove the edges off triangular files etc. And we could have beer and sausages in bread :)

Better do it while its still summer though!
The StewMac fret rocker is perfect. I had a cheap was not accurate.

YEah, a lot of their tools also don't make the situation better - like the fret pullers. The jaws inside angle is too steep and rips the fret up too much. I like my $5.95 Mitre10 pliers that I ground down better.
Will take a photo when I get some time it's all packed away at the moment. Been undertaking experiments relicing plastic and accidentally picked up the wrong sandpaper.

Spent my time at the beach going from this...


To this ....


Let's say it's a work in progress
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