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So I have just put some new fabric on the front of my amp to give it a bit of a fresher look...



I'm wanting to put some piping around the edges just to finish it off, wondering if anybody has any spare? I don't need much, it's 520mm x 145mm. Happy to pay and cover postage etc :thumbup:
Lostininverness wrote:I think I've got some white piping in a box somewhere. I can dig it out and see if its long enough for what you need?

Thanks, yeah that would be great. I don’t need much as I’m thinking I’ll just run it down the left and right side and along the bottom. 850mm would be plenty if you had that much?

Let me know how much you want to cover the piping & postage - much appreciated
PaulWD wrote:Para rubber on Blenheim rd sell both black and white piping by the metre

Thanks Paul - and thanks so much for the cloth this morning. I was umming and ahhing over for a while over which to use. Looking forward to putting the RCA Black Plate's in tomorrow :thumbup: