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Hi guys,

One of the bands I play in is looking for another member. We are based in Auckland on the North Shore and we play a mix of original pop and 90s-ish alt rock.

Ideally we are looking for a vocalist who is good at writing songs and who can bring some new song ideas forward. If you are a songwriter who can't sing, that's ok - we can switch roles. Backup guitar or keyboard would be a plus. Currently we have a drummer, bassist, and a lead guitarist/backup vocals.

Any age is fine, but someone in their 30s will probably be the best fit.

You will need your own gear and transport.

Everyone in this band has other commitments, be it playing in other bands, work, children, or otherwise. So we are pretty relaxed and we just rehearse when we can. This could be once a fortnight but realistically might be once every three weeks. This could change and become more frequent, but the point here is that it is a fairly low pressure outlet for making music.

Below is a link to some songs we recorded to give you an idea of what our music sounds like. If you are interested, please email Matt at and tell us a bit about you and your musical experience. If you've got a photo and a clip of your playing then that's great, although not necessary.


Contact: Matt at

Links to songs:
Shoot, that song wide open is good, that lead player man, hang on to him!
I am double that age requirement (some would say discrimination) you have in there but I look only 26 at midnight.
My playing sucks but I do write songs and can hold a tune. I also have a car and some good gear that is totally over the top for my abilities.
Let me know how you go and if you are really desperate give me a call :wink: :wink:
jvpp wrote:I am double that age requirement (some would say discrimination) you have in there but I look only 26 at midnight.

Will factor in the additional mobility access requirements with your application. :lol:

Actually though, thanks Sean. There's been loads of changes within the lineup of this band, and at times it has been sluggish to say the least. Still, we've come up with a few cool tunes and that's what matters I think.