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BY mugamee
I have an opportunity to purchase either of the two:

1. A silverface vibro champ
2. A vintage blackface princeton reverb (chasis, speaker cab, speaker and reverb tank only-- basically, the guts will need to be built from scratch). Note: i am totally clueless re: electronics so someone will have to build it for me.

The seller's offers are only $10 apart.

Which one would the team recommend?
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One works, one needs transformers, labour, & parts.

Silverface for me, other needs too much gold put into it and still won't be an actual vintage Princeton
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BY GrantB
I'd also go Champ...just 'cause you can get in and play...and Tony's point is valid about the Princeton being a repro in all the bits that matter.

Pre 1980 is better.
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BY GrantB
bbrunskill wrote:I'd get the princeton. I feel like a champ is not really a practical gigging amp, and that's a big deal for me.

Bigger speaker they can be.
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BY philly
you should get the princeton....
then give me the details of the seller so i can get the vibro champ