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BY LucyTheSpud
Currently weighing up, need a few other opinions.

Bass player in my band is in need of a new effects rig. Covers, but we are both sound nerds and we like effects.

We are currently trying to decide between:
Boss GT10B, covers everything, but is limited if you dont like certain soundals.

Individual pedals. Compression, drive, fuzz, filter, chorus. More work, nore expensive, more limiting but better control over specific sounds.

Anyone wanna weigh in?
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BY Vince
What songs are you covering? Fuzz would be pretty pointless in a lot of older stuff. I'd get an EQ pedal, actually.
BY LucyTheSpud
Na, more modern sounds. He currently uses an M13, so the sounds are already there. Just needs an upgrade as its a guitar effect unit, and the drives suck
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BY sirvill
I bought an ME20B, and then sold it again and bought individual effects. Which I might now flog as the bass gig evaporated. Hehe.

But yeah much preferred the flexibility of individual stomps, although the ME20B is pretty entry level and a GT10B would be better.
BY foal30
I use individiual pedals. I started with a multi box (Zoom??) figured out what I liked and went from there.

The order the pedals run in is very important.

compressor, envelope filter and overdrive/fuzz are IMO the critical ones. Tossing up about the Redwitch o/d + octaver at the moment...

What did you end up with?
BY foal30

Old photo, it runs in a different order now. The Diamond Comp I got off Tony and it's a really good piece of kit. Going to upgrade the filter... It's temperamental alongside other pedals works good on its own.
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BY Kris
attack goat! did you also get that off tony? love the name but it wasnt really hard out enough for me
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BY Kris
i would have thought there would have been something on the m13 that would have worked-yeah the drives do suck(dont get me started on the piss weak modulations as well) but the muff or rat would have been usable?
BY foal30
Kris wrote:attack goat! did you also get that off tony? love the name but it wasnt really hard out enough for me

Yes I think so. He's my boutique pedal importer of choice.

The Goat is well rough enough for me. I think I would suit o/d more than fuzz. It works real good with P Bass and Valve Amp.
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BY jeremyb
I run my HD500X with the bass addon pack when I whip out my 5 string, the ampeg SVT sounds pretty great IMHO....
BY foal30
Ampeg SVT is a nice amp. I'm assuming you are using a computer simulation Jeremy?

I have been talking to this young 'super heavy metal' guy and he don't use an amp at all at home, it's all plugged into the computer.
BY LucyTheSpud
foal30 wrote:What did you end up with?

After a little bit of time his board has ended up as

Wireless (Shure GLX)
Whammy 5 (weird effects and alternate tuning)
Boss bass compressor (cant remember the model, the green one)
EHX q tron
Boss bass overdrive (not the ODB3, the new one)
EHX nano bass muff

I love the tone he gets with that rig. Mexi P bass and a new generation Fender rumble 500. Kicks ass.
BY foal30
I haven't tried the Q Tron
But it's on my list.

Lots of guys positive about the Fender Rumble Amps. Pretty portable to I hear.
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