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BY Ibanezdude
good left handed guitar you ask?

Now thats a oxymoron if I've ever heard one! :D
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A bit like an expensive Ibanez :)
BY Timi
TMG 03 wrote:A bit like an expensive Ibanez :)

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BY rocklander
heh - burn!
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BY Ibanezdude
TMG 03 wrote:A bit like an expensive Ibanez :)

Ah ouch. Right in a goolies that one. lol
BY MR Inbetween
hmm Im playing a Tokai 1985 Lefty Strat ,got it recently (lawsuit named= there was no lawsuit)
its old and worn but it beats the the hell out of my other two lefties ??? when I think of the bucks
spent on the other two hmmm cringe ,I have a 1975 Deluxe Lespaul Lefty sunburst bought new
Harbourne & arthur and a 1975 fender Strat I bought early eighties , neither of them played
good straight out of the box!! the Mini humbuckrs on the Les paul had feed back problems ,Gibson
replaced them (well the front one ) remember in the day our amps were 100 watts run high funny I
aint deaf ,and the Strat I had to put in EMG pkps ,then a schaller floyd rose to work under those lightshows
in the eighties ,local built guitars in those days was wasnt much cheaper ,but now its different ,go local
build I think ,especially if you want a workhorse guitar , I always bought a guitar to suit the band I was
in and the music , my two cents worth
MIJ's, as above like the Tokai mentioned.
Edwards make heaps of high quality lefties, every shape and model.
I have bought twice from Yasuo Togawa at Groovin (Guitar shop, Hachimohe, Japan) and he is great to deal with, had the guitars in my hands one week after paying (they get here in a few days, but it takes customs a few more days to process it).
EDIT: They are not especially cheap though. Also not horrendously expensive, imo. You get what you pay for.
2nd EDIT: What shape/model are you after?