Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY jeremyb
robthemac wrote:
jeremyb wrote:

One of the best bands I've ever seen live.

Lucky!!! World love to see them one day!! And yeah I realise how unlikely that could be, but....
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BY jeremyb
More Josh Smith, just cause!

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I could listen to him all day erryday

oh and I spotted a Kemper in his orchestra (another vid) :thumbup:
cory orkest kemper.JPG
cory orkest kemper.JPG (128.73 KiB) Viewed 547 times
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BY jeremyb
I love his right hand technique!
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BY hamo
Finally Post Malone does something I don't hate.
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BY jeremyb
Incredible artist if you haven't come across her before!

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BY jeremyb
No one plays a guitar lead like Tom!!

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What's with the hankie around his neck, is he expecting a sandstorm?

Love him though!
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BY sizzlingbadger
Loved this, the subject changes as it goes through the chat, just the stuff I love talking about.

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