Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY Basket Case
Gotta love the Irons!

Except for Janick, he's a warty penis.
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BY Jenesis
Heh, everyone hates Janick. :D
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BY rocklander
Basket Case wrote:No great guitar playing here. Just a really good take on 'Hey Ya' by Outkast.

that is freaking AWESOME!
BY slash-ed
Now that's a good cover.
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BY Clarky
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BY Tsuken
Well ... yes and no. Yes she has better chops, but she lacks the dynamics in Orianthi's playing. Ok she's basically copped Carlos Santana's schtick there, but she does it very well.

Cool though 8)
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BY Capt. Black
In the second video.... the modest manner... add a moustache and a beard... a pair of spectacles... a medical degree.... its... Tsu-barbie


She's very sweet and a very impressive player.
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BY Basket Case
Damn, there's the perfect girlfriend right there.
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BY rocklander
dood - she's a dood...?? at least in the first clip...
BY slash-ed
Look again.
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BY Basket Case
rocklander wrote:dood - she's a dood...?? at least in the first clip...

Huh? I thought we had that talk about the differences between boys and girls... ?
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BY rocklander
admittedly she's prety fie looking in the 2nd video - but she's sebastian bach in the first one - heh
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