Its all in the fingers, or is it?

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BY Eruera
I’m after a pedal to give a less-dynamic, more fluid/singing, overdrive for leads.

I run my Princeton to break up when digging in and an Earth Drive in front of that to make it sound like the amp is really cooking. It’s sounding exactly how I want for rhythm guitar but just a bit too touch sensitive for lead lines, the notes clean up and taper off too fast to really get things singing.

Looking to retain the vintage sounding character, I imagine I’ll get as many different suggestions as replies :lol: After something that would be easy to find used.

What about the Simble that’s on TM at the moment?
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BY Eruera
Potentially, concerned that since there is still some headroom on the drive and the amp it would create too much compression downstream to run delay well. I’m quite new to the non-loop setup.

Also not opposed to having some more gain for leads, my rhythm tone would probably be considered comparatively clean.
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BY GrantB
A Klon or 808 type thing with the treble up a bit? Princeton’s should compress when running up at that volume so I’m not sure a compressor will help much. Sounds like a more saturated boost or drive will work.
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BY Single coil
Ts9, sd1.