Talk about your Burstbuckers and Seymour Duncans....

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Slowy wrote:Jeez this is boring.
Back to your corners lads; there's nothing here worth arguing about and nobody is going to win. :roll:

boring? I have found it very entertaining.

my last few comments have a bit of this :moresarc: in them slowy
The boring bit is that all but the OP (and me too) completely, if not wilfully, ignored the point of the video. I thought it was a nice summary of the tones you can expect from different types of pick ups in the situations you are most typically going to find them. Perhaps it could have been titled a bit better to suit you pedantic nit-pickers. But then that level of wilful belligerence would have required a title description to suit every single wank-nerd in internet guitar jerking history... and even then, you micro specialists would have found a reason to criticise and be dicks to each other.

Grow up. We left this shit behind us on NZG years ago.

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