NDID... and going direct

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NDID... and going direct

Post by Cdog »


New DI day! The Iridium has been going really well, especially since I loaded some York IR's of the same speakers in my 2x10. Now I feel like a it's reasonably seamless transition between the blackface Super and the digital simulation... so I'm gonna take the plunge and leave the amp at home for the next gig at a regular (upstairs) venue of ours.

Not planning to use a wedge at this stage... which will be interesting :shock:
I've been using IEMs for a while, and am pretty comfy with them, but our stage sound is rather boisterous. Feeling a bit nervous about not having a thumping guitar amp punching my kidneys. Any of you guys doing something similar?

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Re: NDID... and going direct

Post by jeremyb »

When I was gigging with amps or the HD500X I could never hear myself in the monitors so I had my own speaker on stage with the HD500X, one of those Line 6 PA jobbies, much rather preferred being able to have something I could control than leave it to whoever was the sound guy on the night...
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Re: NDID... and going direct

Post by griff »

I do both depending on the band or gig. Kemper direct is marvelous with IEMs and I don't have ringing ears after. Amp and cab for the punk band I'm in because, ya know, punk! Nothing beats that sound on stage but I still have a good time with the kemper

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