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BY Mini Forklift Ⓥ
Trying to get a bit of a shortlist together; as long as it has a great clean channel I'm probably gonna be fairly happy, I prefer to get overdrive/effects from pedals. Will be more as a 'use every day' but would nice to have some headroom in case I get called out for that once in a lifetime gig :lolno:

• Wanting a combo
• $1k - $1,500 range
• Valve or SS
• Nice to have a few basic effects on the amp but not a dealbreaker if not
• Attenuation is a nice bonus

Foreruners at the moment (assuming buying new)
• Supro Blues King 15w 1x12
• Vox AC15
• Marshall Origin 50w 1x12
• Blackstar Silverline 50w 1x12
• Boss Katana Artist 100 1x12
• Boss Nextone 80 1x12

Keen for anyone's thoughts or suggestions :thumbup:
jeremyb wrote:You should really be looking at the Roland Blues Cube over the katana I reckon :)

Tried one a few weeks back. Wasn't a bad amp, just found it lacked a bit of warmth TBH hence the Supro Blues King has taken its place
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BY sizzlingbadger
I may sell my Mesa 5:50 Express 1x12 Combo in the new year, it has excellent Fender style cleans and some great drive options.
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BY Reg18
Just checking but from memory you have previously owned a few of the listed ones right?
AC15, Katana and Marshall Origin?
So you will be familiar with what your getting with those.
That Supro looks cool, had to look it up.
The Bognor Alchimist has effects built in and comes in a combo.
You would have to wait for a S/H one though but often they go for under 1k.
Reg18 wrote:Just checking but from memory you have previously owned a few of the listed ones right?

Can't remember, I may have? But not 100% on that as it's mainly been the AC30's that I've had the interest in

Reg18 wrote:Katana

Yep, had the 100w 2x12 combo. First impressions were good, but any channel other than the clean were not really usable and mine had what sounded like a 'digital hiss' that annoyed the hell out of me

Reg18 wrote:Marshall Origin

Had the 50w head, sold it to Molly. Great amp that I should have just held onto, love the look of the combo

Reg18 wrote:That Supro looks cool, had to look it up.

Yeah, quite different huh. Seems like this amp would be right up my alley, and a sensible wattage too :wink:
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slash-ed wrote:I'm sure this has been mentioned in another thread but what kind of tones are you after?

That's a very irrelevant question Ed - don't waste our time with posts like that!!!! The only time you should ask yourself that is when you've bought an expensive amp, and realise it's totally wrong for you :-)
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BY Reg18
Judging from the times I’ve heard Jim play I’d say a Fender Super Six turned up with a TS808 in front would probably be the tone he’s looking for!
Tone wise, anything through from Rothery/Knopfler style cleans to low-medium gain drive (think Matt Schofield, BB King, Kossoff etc)

I have a Snouse BlackBox that has been my go-to drive pedal for some time now, then I have another drive pedal that I hit if I want a touch more girth