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Picking this up today

Fernandes TEJ-70 looks tidy enough for a punt
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Been waiting for a set of Bareknuckle Bluenote P90s to turn up. Sent a week ago today by NZ Couriers. These guys are really quite shit at their job. Last time I used them my package ended up in Tauranga instead of Auckland. Fingers crossed...
A third Weber speaker to match the other two in my Vibro King.

Weber 10A125 Speaker.jpg
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Been talking to Ants since before Christmas, all of his art is places I have surfed and I just love his perspective. Ahipara is the place I have surfed most.

The little cabin in the corner is a tin garage owned by the Reihana family, they used to let me and friends stay there for nothing for years (always gave them a couple of crates and free use of the fishing gear). Great memories, Supertubes, Shark Alley and Blue House.
rickenbackerkid wrote:Squier Classic Vibe Strat in a particularly fetching pink/purple sparkle finish. I'm rather excited about it, a different sound and look and from all the reviews I've been reading, the Squier Classic Vibe series are really good guitars.

That the one that was one TM with the matching headstock? Saw that and was rather tempted myself. Strats and I don't get on though.
So I bought the avo guitar...

I've been thinking about getting a smaller guitar to have in my car boot all the time, and I've wanted a resonator for ages too.


And I won't be offended if you feel obliged to wife said nobody would take me seriously if I played that. But why would they start doing that anyway?
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