Gear Aquisition Syndrome is a serious disorder.... FX etc

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Was in the mail but just turned up now-the two 15" black widows i snagged from TM and righteous G.C JVVP picked up and sent down to me.Thats what i dig about this place,feels more like an actual community rather than a facebook page.Have donated to forum of course,about all that was left in my bid budget but now im working will try make another in the new year.
Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:I had a Caline power supply a while back and it made more noise than some of the pedals. It got thrown in our red bin

I have no solid evidence for any of the following:

The CP-05 was probably a rebrand/clone of a joyo, which was just a daisy chain in a box.

The P5, it looks like they might have cloned the CIOKS DC5, which if they've done accurately, could be decent.
Mattress5 wrote:Got a player series p-bass on the way. It’s in the Tidepool colour. Any thoughts on pickguard colours? Leave it as is or change it up? I’m wondering if a tort guard might be too dark.

I'd stick with white, mother of toilet seat or maybe a mint green? Thats a lovely colour though :)
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