Gear Aquisition Syndrome is a serious disorder.... FX etc

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I'll start.

Yamaha Magicstomp v2
Eventide TimeFactor
Cole Clark Strat (white/black pickguard)
G&L ASAT semi-hollow (Arrived today)
Voodoo Labs Pedalpower 2+
Radial ProDI (if snitchez can find the bugger)

Possibly a RV-2, as well.

I think GAS may have taken control, thats quite a lot of stuff to buy all at once. . . .
capacitors, chips, pots, fets.. the correct pots (cos the sent me the wrong ones.. again).

oh and .. the cheque..
probably bills :(

also got a little yamaha practice amp should be here soon
A humble pair of Ibanez AF 85 Jazz Guitar Pups for my relic project :D

and something and a few other goodies if my auctions go well...which they look like they are 8)
...and a Detonator
Ironbird13 wrote:...and a Detonator

Thats in the volume wouldnt even notice the C4 in the pups.
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