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BY jaxman16
I'm gassing hard for an ESP M-1, the black model with 1 Bridge pickup and reverse headstock. I've been after one of these since I started playing guitar and still haven't found one for sale! Can anyone help me out? I know they're pretty rare in NZ so it's a long shot!
BY Kiwiaxe
jeremyb wrote:Better skills on the gat....

This. I'm pretty happy with my guitar collection at present (of course, so I bloody should be). And same goes for my keyboards (Korg Kronos, Nord Electro 2, and Roland F120). My amps are gathering dust because I enjoy the Kemper more than my actual amps (!!!!!!). So now its all about some skills.

Actually, I've been a bit distracted from guitar recently, not just by work but also because I've rather been enjoying my jazz piano playing :)
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BY MattH
StratMatt wrote:Fiesta Red strat, rosewood board.

Am pretty much building one of these at the mo!
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