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BY Rog
rocklander wrote:
Marshall wrote:Could it be that you're completely GAS free Rog? Never thought I'd read that on this forum :shock:

[membership revoked ->Rog]

It has crossed my mind... :(
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BY jimi
I really pity Rog having nothing to spend your dosh on. Dreaming about the next great thing is half the fun.

My bass rig is pretty much sorted now, just a shame Im not playing bass atm, but nothing really to gas for there, tho Kev's Jazz bass with the binding and block inlays was very tasty. A more portable rig would be nice too, I'm a bit sick of only browsing the station wagon section when gassing for a new car.

Stuff on the current shopping list:

Vox AC15 or AC30

ASH Aurum. Gold top, bound body and neck, block inlays, mahogany body and neck, ebony board.

Other stuff:
Some decent sorta delay, DD2 or DD3 probably.
Another Hotcake like stomp box - someone here had a G2D on tardme which sounds pretty tasty
Some kind of Wah
A bigger bit of custom wood and some longer strips of velcro cos Im gonna need more room on my pedal board.
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BY snitchez
after lifting up a shuttle 6.0 in the rockshop... i want one.... i'll be getting it after my trip next year!

p.s. jimi. please buy my g2d =)

and why a dd3? get something a lil bit more decent than that... its a gas list.. im sure you can do better =p
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BY jimi
snitchez wrote:and why a dd3? get something a lil bit more decent than that... its a gas list.. im sure you can do better =p

Its a gas list ... I don't tend to gas for things I will never buy, otherwise I'd be after a JMI Vox AC30, an old Gibby 335 with block inlays (bit of a theme on those inlays really), an LP gold top with P90s, and an old Ampeg SVT. But thats an if I won lotto, not what Im gassing for.

I've got the G2D on my watchlist, but sorta have to wait till later in the month when I find out whether my contract is getting extended and I can spend my bonus on gear, or whether I'm spending it on the paying the mortgage while I am unemployed over x-mas. I'm thinking its not the best time of year or economic situation to be out of a job, so fingers crossed it goes the other way.

As for the DD3, I like that all knobs at 12o'clock Robert Smith sound. There does seem to be a shortage of them on tardme atm though.
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BY hamo
At this precise moment I'm actually GASsing for some antacids and Panadol. :? :(
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BY sty
I don't really need anything, except as BG puts it a little talent to play what I already have.

The most useful thing I'm gassing for is some sort of setup help on my two main guitars as there is something wrong with them, I get horrible string rattle/buzz on the low E all the time and it's bugging me, and for some reason the action on my Epi LP has gone to shit. I suspect some truss rod action is on the way soon - and then I'm going to need a guitar tech to fix the crap mess I've made of it.

That said I'm gassing for...

A Marshall 4x12 cab for no reason other than I'd like to own one and see what its like with my TSL601 driving it. (Almost bought Ed's a while back but I'm going to carry on looking for bargains)

The set of Fuzzie Bro pedal kits. I'm going to build these anyway as a bit of fun and experience.

The parts to turn my old Pacifica into a nice to play super strat style guitar.

A set of Bare Knuckle Steve Stephens pickups, and a nice guitar to put them in.

A Gibson Explorer or similar shape guitar. with a lovely super shiny high gloss expensive looking finish. Maybe in white to look like my guitar hero II guitar :oops: . I just like the shape, don't need this at all.

A whole range of necks so I can see what type of profile, fingerboard, frets I actually like and want from now on

And a lotto win
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BY calling card
Gas & ye shall recieve... something new for my Ceriatone JCM800 will be coming on home soon.

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BY rocklander
CustomAudioBoutique wrote:Now I wish I'd vacuumed up the polystyrene :wink:

~whew~ I was about to suggest some 'head-and-shoulders' :shock:
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BY Kerchang
A really nice telecaster.
Another really nice telecaster with a Seth Lover type pick-up in the neck.
A Fender tweed champ (head) kit I can build.
A 2X12 cab with good quality, low wattage, speakers in it.
The brain to finger connections of Jimi Hendrix (I figure the brain itself would be a tad overcooked).
Someone to buy my Mesa Nomad 55 2X12 at a reasonable price so I could start knock down the size of my GAS list.
Lots and lots of super groovy pedals.

Sigh, get all warm just thinking about it.
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BY Hot_Grits
65 London head and cab
Headstrong Verbovibe
/13 FTR37
Voodoo pedal power
Carl Martin Octaswitch
Empress trem or cusack tap-a-whirl
eHx Deluxe Memory Man
analogman sunface and beano boost
Digitech expression factory (for the space station emulation)
Boss bass synth
eHx nano bassballs and little big muff
Line6 FM4
...and a bunch of parts and Mercury iron to make up a JTM45-style amp and a nice single ender.
A decent P-bass
Strat parts: a light alder black body and a couple of fat, jumbo fretted maple necks.
90s-era Guild Starfire 4
2 pickup Jerry Jones Neptune
A Suhr tele
A Martin D18
A p90 guitar. Top choice: 90s fender custom shop tele jr.
A Heil PR30
M-audio 1814 plus a peripheral 8input mic pre setup
A spare room...

-Of all those the only one that falls into the 'immediate need for work' category would be a decent tap trem.
BY slash-ed
sty wrote:
A Marshall 4x12 cab for no reason other than I'd like to own one and see what its like with my TSL601 driving it. (Almost bought Ed's a while back but I'm going to carry on looking for bargains)

Hah! You should have, or at least come over and tried it out to see how it sounds.

Personally, I did not like the 1960A cab all that much with my SpiderValve. But it might just be that I've tweaked my amp tones to the V30s in my Legacy 2x12" cab.
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