NPAD: Orange Crush 20RT

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NPAD: Orange Crush 20RT

Post by dayl »

Needed a small an portable practice amp so I can easily set up and jam in any corner or the house away from the tribe.

Had a quick blast on a Yamaha THX10X which sounded brilliant, but that trade didnt work out.

So I researched. There are so many great options out there these days but I noticed that many of my top pics and most lauded used either your phone or USB connectivity to coax the most out of them. Me being me, I would feel obliged to connect and fiddle tweak etc. This defeats the purpose for me personally.

In comes the Orange Crush 20RT

2 channels 20w Solidstate meat slapping goodness pounding your eardrums via 8 inches worth of Orange Voice the World speaker. With reverb and an onboard tuner to round it off.

In use/verdict: damn kids have it so good these days. This cost me $319, it's a cheap and affordable amp.

Clean channel sounds very full and well rounded and takes pedals very very well. It can get fairly loud and it's easy to forget this is a little budget amp. At the risk of sounding silly, I personally would have no problem micing this sucker up and recording... but let's cut that out.

Dirt channel is thick warm and hairy. Switch to the neck pup and bring the creamy leads. It's a really nice toan.
Rythm wise, it's full but far from tight. It can work for the right application (kyuss etc) but that's the orange sound isnt it? I started to notice the 8" speaker here too.

Overall, as cool as the dirt sounds, it's a bit of a one trick pony that's there if you need it. I can see myself practicing with a pedal on the clean channel more. The amp delivers a lot for the money while offering little. It's a step away from the bundle of amp and effect selections and emulations but will help you get straight to the point which is getting down to play guitar.

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Re: NPAD: Orange Crush 20RT

Post by Reg18 »

Nice! I really should try one of these!

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