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BY jeremyb
Dharmajester wrote:
jeremyb wrote:
Dharmajester wrote:Showed theses to my tech mate. His first reaction was great, but what happens when the internal chips die and are no longer manufactured. A problem he apparently encounters frequently with older new equipment. :crazy:

I doubt they're using anything special, that stuff will be around for longer than any of us!! Who would have thought we'd still be manufacturing vacuum tubes in this day and age!!

We're luckily still able to get tubes however there are plenty of 80's analogue synths ( some of the nicer ones ) that are an absolute nightmare to find replacement chips for. :( A good example though not a synth is the Line 6 echo pro. Only available for a few years as the main chip became unobtainable shortly after.

Yeah thats an issue for sure, but these days most of the manufacturers are using the same chips for the computing power of the units, its not all custom or stuff thats likely to be replaced, they're going to be around for quite a while!
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BY Kris
and uif theres the demand some some enterprising people like behringer will start producing them...\