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KNNZ wrote:$700 was a bargain really! the last one i saw on sale was on TM and it went quickly with a buynow of $1000 even! with a bit of tweaking, honestly it can sound very close to the Kemper, your crowd won't even tell the difference, but with the Kemper you get the feel of a real amp, can't really compare though, the HXS is a minimalist approach, on the fly rig etc

Yeah I knew $700 was a good price but wasn’t quick enough unfortunately.
The feel is the bit that concerns me, I’d be surprised if the audience could tell the difference with me playing my $50 Joyo American Sound most Sunday’s but I can certainly feel the difference and how it reacts which is a little off putting.
Especially with expressive dynamic playing.
Did you buy the new Floor unit Kemper?
If so mind if I ask rough landed price in NZ?

Edit: this video is helpful
no I did not buy the Stage as I could not go from a Helix screen to the Stage tiny screen, plus I have the HXS with lots of pedals that I enjoy using so I wanted an 'amp' more than a floor unit, hardly used the Helix that I had that's why I sold it to get an amp (Kemper) but I do love pedals and would be a hassle to have my pedalboard of pedals plus a floor unit. If you want a landed price for the Stage, PM Kiwiaxe! He bought one! it's cheaper than the Helix Floor! that's if you escape customs
Reg18 wrote:I’d love to see Kemper do a similar thing to the HX Stomp, like a smaller version to fit on a pedal board for just loading amp models, forget about the effects and make it half the price! Now that’s something I’d buy in a heart beat.

Couldn't agree more but I got tired of waiting for Kemper or the aftermarket to sort it out.

I briefly had an unpowered toaster and with meaningless hindsight I suppose I should've kept it. This time around it's as much about practicality and portability as anything else. I'll just think of it as another amp in the collection until it proves itself and I'm minded to sell those amps.