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BY Terexgeek

Is this the first time “Hifi” speaker cabinet acoustic design has been applied to guitar cabs?

Could be cool, the exact guitar speaker/s of your choice in a lightweight cab able to be carried by one person up a flight of stairs with an amp head in the other hand.

As an old fulla, that appeals more than a quad.
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BY GrantB

10" for me please....that's awesome.
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BY H671
But what is he not showing.
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BY Molly
So, more bloody GAS. I'm going to order a 1x12 and flick the Zilla cab I haven't loaded yet (only 100 quid difference). Just wonder what speaker to go for. There's a pretty big choice on the website. In my existing amps I've a Creamback 65 and a Celestion Anniversary G12H so some room for experimentation.

Any thoughts? What's your vote for a good all-round Celestion?

EDIT. The speaker upgrades are quite spendy so I'm as well to order it with a V30 and I can always flick that on later.

Measurements are near identical to my Friedman DS Mini 1x12 cab.