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BY jeremyb
AiRdAd wrote:https://www.trademe.co.nz/music-instruments/instruments/guitar-bass/guitar-amps/listing-1949886338.htm?rsqid=c9c13f8168e04399b0af0d1a9b5e56bf

Module for sale on trademe

I think the bidder is one of us?
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BY jeremyb
moliere wrote:current bidder is me, but go for your life if you want it.

Was just putting it out there as a warning for anyone else to not cut your lunch ;)
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moliere wrote:current bidder is me, but go for your life if you want it.

that bid wasn't there when i posted it - otherwise I would of kept it on the downlow for ya :-)
BY Mattallica
That is dirt cheap.

moliere, i just assumed that seller was the friend you mentioned in another thread who also had MTS stuff, as they are based in Wellington. Not the case?

That RM4 & RT2/50 is right on the money but i've been silly spending on donor modules and and the RM20 that was listed not so long ago. Sigh.
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BY moliere
Nah my mate doesn't have the orange mod as far as I'm aware. That RM4 and poweramp combo would be great, but too spendy for me right now, just bought a house.
BY Mattallica
No worries, i've made my own Rockerverb module so i'll leave you to it. Someone else will probably jump in at that price.

I have no prospects of buying a house so the rack system would be some warm comfort. It would make my RM100 mostly redundant though.
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BY werdna
At NAMM, Synergy announced some new modules. See the youtube videos. The modules all sound good.

I'd like to get my hands on the OS, which is Egnater's take on the famous Dumble amp. Channel one is clean, and channel two is compressed blues. I think it would complement the TDLX, bookending at the clean and dirty ends.
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