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Well there’s one on trademe for $1200 for a while and it still hasn’t sold.
robthemac wrote:That seems to be the ballpark these days. She's a buyer's market...

I think it all comes down to how much the cost of living has gone up ... people don't have much spare cash now days to spend on fun stuff
Higher wattage combos are probably the hardest to move (pun intended) at the moment. Reverb stats shows MK4 combos selling for less than the head usually despite they would've costed more brand new.
https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=me ... esc&page=1
It’s not vintage and it’s not boutique. If you’re cashed up you’d buy a new Mark V or whatever the latest thing is. The next guy wants a 2nd hand Mark V. Market for the Mark IV is guys who can’t afford a 2nd hand Mark V, and every one is telling them to buy a Katana.

I mean AC30s for under a grand. Cheap as Marshall origin amps. It’s a tough market out there.
Sold it pretty quick for $1600, so probably could have pushed that to $1800 but not much more.
You're right, with the V's simulating the previous models and the other options out there, it's a tough amp to sell. It's also freakin heavy (40kg).

I'm glad it's gone to someone who will use it...and I'll just simulate it whenever I want on Amplitube 4 (and be happy enough).