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BY dayl
jeremyb wrote:Sallys Anal Explosion

Worth a google image gif search (incognito) a guess
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BY dayl
...didn't know there were so many dudes out there named Sally tbh....
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BY willow13
Molly wrote:
willow13 wrote:
Capt. Black wrote:I don't know if you know Michelle who owns Rock Factory with her husband. She was in bands with Kristie back in the day too.

Fun boring fact .. I was in the same class as Michelle and Mark at SAE

South Auckland Elementary?

Sex Addicts Experience?

South African Embassy?

Stamped Addressesd Envelope?

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BY JHorner
Capt. Black wrote:"And then there are the ones that you just can't fix. Those are black holes. Just get a mac. Even an old one will run it better."


Can confirm that after messing around with computers as a hobby for 30 years and a profession for 20 years I was unable to get Audacity to work glitch free on windows. Installed Ubuntu Studio, maxed the buffer size, no problems from then on.

Cheap laptop with Ubuntu gets rid of Windows for those who can't justify the Mac $$$.
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BY codedog
Looking at the comparison matrix, it seems the Artist version does not support VST plugins. That's a huge pity, considering I have Bias FX and Amps, and a bunch of other plugins.
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BY dayl
jeremyb wrote:That seems bizarre, surely not!

Nah they are not sorry mate
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BY Kris
WTF. I paid 45$ for my last reaper licence,still have plenty of updates before i need to renew it.Another hand shandy just to run vsts,what are you paying for again?
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BY dayl
Well, we can agree that Reaper is bang for buck.
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BY dayl
I've been using it since studio one - v1 and was a long time Cubase user prior. jumped into reaper while it was in its infancy over at KVR and its turned into an amazing beast of a DAW for the outlay.

S1 though, its intuitive and fast. Drag what you want when. Open you downloads folder and drag that drum track straight in, drag in an audio track (your guitar) load your vst amp and hit record. It just means you have to miss out on a decent pedal purchase… but you get an awesome production suite. That me though. It comes down to workflow that works for the individuaL and daws all seem to have their own thing going on.