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BY MattH
KentNZ wrote:I’m not sure really. Fuzz is probably one thing missing but I haven’t got in with it in the past. Maybe preamp or EQ/neve emulators.

I went through a stack of great fuzzes years ago and never kept any of them. I had a Stomp Under Foot Ram’s Head or something (it had serial number of #003, I seem to remember), and a Klinger Buzz Fuzz that was just stupid. They were heaps of fun, but I just couldn’t find a use for them. They were far too intense for my cheesy country/easy listening band mates.

Now I hardly ever play live so I really want an excuse to go balls to the wall fuzz again...
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In a perfect world, the JHS Clover. :)
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NippleWrestler wrote:Which is a modded Boss FA-1. I'm not sure how much those are though.

I suspect JHS did their one as the Boss ones are getting up there in value a bit now.
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