Bass guitar bin 300w min, 4 ohm

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Bass guitar bin 300w min, 4 ohm

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Wanted; Bass bin 1x15" or 2x10" 300w minimum power handling, must be 4 ohm. Bonus if it measures 630mm approx in horizontal front width. Don't like the hammerhead look lol!

This is to go on the bottom layer of a Carvin R600 (ex Ash) rig. I rebuilt the top 2x10" with new drivers (Eminence Basslite) last week, punchy and tight sounding now. Had a big tear in one of the original speaker cones.
All good but looks puny sitting there at ground level on the 2x10" cab, needs some foundation and we can dial in the other side of the mighty 600.
Lots of options out there & deals but the 4 ohm issue narrows it down somewhat. 2x10" might possibly yield some ohmic shuffle.
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