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BY werdna
I'm looking for advice. I am looking for a midi-switchable digital effects unit. Either rack mounted, or on the floor. Needs delay, chorus, reverb, tremelo, phaser. It doesn't need to have amp modelling. Second hand only. My effects processor, a rack mounted Rocktron Expression, has a fault in the midi switching, which is too complicated for the tech to fix.

What do you recommend please?
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BY handsoffmatt
BOSS GT-100 / GT-10 / GT-8 / GT-6
TC G-Major
Eventide H9
Line 6 M13/M9/M5
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Theres a rocktron on the tard now, can't remember what model....
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rickenbackerkid wrote:TC Electronic Nova System. Brilliant FX.

I won't recommend, there is a dodgy cable in there that causes issues with starting up. Ok if you can start it up a couple of times and not worry about it. But you are presented with a blank screen. It happens to many of them.