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BY godgrinder
DongHua wrote:All my PRS singlecuts sounds like fucking a dead hooker with stink pussy.

This is my new favourite description on guitar tone hahaha.

Danger Mouse wrote:What does an LP sound like, though? In my experience (including spending a large chunk of an afternoon in a guitar shop in the UK, working through their impressive stock of VOS and re-issue LPs), there's plenty of variation in how they sound and play. I can pick how one should sound, according to my tastes and ears, but certainly not all do.

There would be a lot of individual differences especially across different weight ranges for sure. For me there are a couple base line criterias:
Good amount of depth and mid push due to body thickness
Good resonance from genuine mahogany and thin nitro finish

Seems easy on paper but for whatever reason many other manufacturers decided to make theirs in other ways. There are luthiers that supposedly nails the LP thing (Yaron/Barlett etc) but they cost even more than the already expensive Gibson ones.
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BY Terexgeek
willow13 wrote:
Terexgeek wrote:Slash sounded pretty good on AFD and that was a replica.

for me slash's tone has always been a bit shit..way to fizzy (which is more a marshall thing than a guitar thing)

any way I personally think a gibson les paul has a sound that no other guitars I have ever play do. Yeah I'm sure there are a million guitars that are way better value for money but nothing SCREAMS RnR like a Gibson les paul...that IS fact...even your mate Slash would say that

either way strats are better :thumbup:

Strats are nice, but Teles are better.
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BY Polar Bear
Molly wrote:
DongHua wrote:
Conway wrote:I'm not sure why I'm even reading this thread, but it's just become even more offensive on this page...

Please don’t be sir. Remember I am at lower tier of PRS game, so I my personal experience is very limited. And I love them but feel cheated as they sounds nothing like Les Paul as I was hoping.

Take it easy sir and peace out.

Yeah, I don't think it was that. A tiger's vagina is one thing but the dead hooker reference was pushing the boundaries of good taste.

In fact, he even alluded to it tasting horrid.
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BY Molly
Mini Forklift Ⓥ wrote:*SORTED*

Update and pics to come in a couple of weeks :-)

Weeks! A lot can happen in a couple of weeks. Pics now. This is the age of instant gratification.
It's nothing to get too excited over chaps, especially with all the talk in here of Custom Shop's, Historic's and the like. Settled on something I think I'll be happy with; leaves me enough cash to buy at least one nice pedal I've been wanting and to bid on the '65 Gibson Skylark amp that's on TM at the moment :-)
Tokai LS135Q in 'Matt Violin Finish'




I have got some old covers I'm going to put onto the pickups. Also have an aged aluminium tailpiece and an aged Gotoh ABR-1 that will go onto it so hopefully it doesn't look quite so new :lol:
BY slash-ed
Haha I hope your new guitar rocks, but I can't believe that after 7 pages of people telling you to buy a Historic you ended up buying not a Gibson, with a not normal for LP top :lol:

It looks great though. And of course, Tokais are Gibson killers ;)
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