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BY niceguyollie
Haven't seen this mentioned here yet:

Morning Everyone.

Last Night we were Ram Raided here at the store!

3 Losers have stolen a bunch of Fender Guitars, Spector Basses and RCF Speakers valued at $25k. Luckily we have all their faces on camera and their car regos. We have sent all the info to the Police. But if everyone could look out for the following gear for us that would be much appreciated. List of gear taken as follows:

1. Fender Classic Player Jaguar HH White
2. Fender American Special Jazzmaster 3TS
3. Fender Modern Player Mustang Honey Burst
4. Squire Vintage Modified Mustang Vintage White
5. Fender Standard Tele Candy Apple Red
6. Fender American Standard Tele Aged Cherryburst
7. Fender American Deluxe Tele Crimson Red
8. G&L ASAT Classic 3TS
9. Fender American Deluxe Strat Mystic Sunburst
10. RCF 710 Mk II
11. Spector Legend 4 Classic Amber
12. Spector NS2J Dark Cherry

Thanks for the help guys.

Team at Music Planet Greenlane ... 9759873456
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BY Molly
Doesn't sound like 'stolen to order' type gear so expect they're just opportunist gob-s****s that we'll be supporting at Her Majesty's convenience any day now.
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BY mttn3
How do you stack 10 guitars in the back of a ute and get away without scuffing and denting them? There would be glass everywhere too.

Edit: oh i guess they can fence them as "aged" now . :P
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BY GrantB
Losers. All thieves are losers.
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BY Molly
HackSaw wrote:
Molly wrote:I went to school with the one on the right.

I call bullshit. You ARE the one on the right!

LOL. My perm has long since fallen out :-(