Post your stolen goods lists here

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sopachrga wrote:
Danger Mouse wrote:
Rhettsauce wrote: I'm just making light of the fact that out of all the gats in the Rockshop this burglar took an Epi. More a laugh at his apparent level of intelligence than anything else.

It's a register for stolen gear that RS provide for anyone who's had something nicked, not a list of what's been lifted from a store. But while we're on the subject of apparent levels of intelligence... :wink:

I was going to say the same thing, but held back.
More a laugh at his apparent level of reading comprehension than anything else. :wave:

and a concertina.
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sopachrga wrote:That's what she said!!

ah but unless she softly moaned it while nibbling your earlobe, you're doing it wrong ;)
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Kris wrote:it was gypsies obviously,who else would steal a concertina?

arrest anyone with a hankercheif on their head and/or carring a baguette!!

Welp that's everyone in France locked up.