Planet of the Dead

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Re: Planet of the Dead

Post by Terexgeek »

hellblazer wrote:
Terexgeek wrote:
hamo wrote:
I wonder if it's the same one I'm thinking of? I remember it not having a super-coherent feel, like they'd got a bunch of images from different artists and then tried to build a story around them.
Sounds like it, the text was deeply unsatisfying so I just enjoyed the graphics.
This one; I think It’s a role playing sourcebook? so the content is just primers to get your own stories going.
We were unpacking our bookshelves at the weekend actually and when we were putting that one back my flatmate commented that more doom bands should be using that Ralph McQuarrie sci-fi style in their art! Haha

Will give a listen after work tonight.
That's the one, I think I found it as a seven or eight year old and sadly role playing was not an activity undertaken by any of the students at the primary schools I attended.

So I loved the artwork but had no idea and no way of founding out about role playing.

I later discovered D&D but it was right on the discovering girls part of puberty, so I elected to learn more about girls than D&D.
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Re: Planet of the Dead

Post by sty »

hamo wrote:Turns out this is the one I was thinking of: ... e-warriors

I think that image is an Eddie Jones one

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Re: Planet of the Dead

Post by Darth Sabbathi »

Terexgeek wrote:Who did the artwork? It's very cool, Sci-Fi gothic? Very cool album.

The art work reminds me of a book that kicked around a few School libraries I remember way back when, it was all crashed spacecraft. For some reason it creeped the fuck out of me, in that good page turning way!
The artwork is by Jonathan Guzi - he's a concept artist in the US. My brief to him was 'a 70s sci-fi type thing with a subtle death theme and a spaceship like something Chris Foss would do. And with a layout that looks like an old sci-fi novel.' And he completely nailed it!

I don't remember the book you're referring to, but I do vividly remember seeing coffee table type books when I was a kid of air brushed spaceships which has become something of a nostalgic obsession for me.

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