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BY Molly
Interesting thread.

On one of the Foo Fighters' DVDs they visit a guy that built a studio with a small acoustic gap to the room below intended to double the volume of the space being used (I'm not describing this well because I don't really understand it...). All sorts of theories and ideas out there I guess.

Pete Thorn recently released a YT video on his new build. That made for interesting viewing too.
Cheers Molly.

Yeah, I’ve watched PT’s one and numerous others too! It’s always interesting seeing how others have gone about it. Basically the design we’re using is a sort of amalgamation of common ideas, and then ideas we’ve sort of thrown around over the years from a couple of previous builds we’ve done.

I almost finished insulating today and I’m becoming really curious as to how well sound proofed it’s going to be. I think if we can keep our build consistency good then it should be pretty isolated. Time will tell, but I must admit that the idea of being able to wind up amps for recording puts a smile on my face :thumbup:
Here's a photo of the progress with the framing from earlier last week. We're starting to line the walls with the first layer of Gib tomorrow :thumbup:
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BY SimonHirst
From that ^ to this. Two layers of Braceline/Noise Gib on the ceiling last night and I started putting up the first wall layer this morning. Unfortunately I have to wait to finish the other two walls because we have to build the timber window and door frames first. And I am frustratingly just short of having enough insulation. However, I figure I'll use what's left of the next bag to help make some bass traps so there's a silver lining :thumbup:
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