Self built and self assembly ;)

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Slowy wrote:Just asking; would there be a difference in the look if you'd used a silver base or is the glitter completely opaque?

not with the glitter I used because I put it on like a "powder" the underneath colour is not visable at all. With the spray can glitter you get from bunnings and the like is glitter in a clear "lacquer" so the colour you want needs to be also the base colour you paint it because in "in between" the glitter is transparent so. As an example if you had green spray glitter on a Silver base the finish would be green with speckles of silver
small update ... no new photo but have changed the knobs and switch tip to black and it looks mint. Have wired it up and OH MY GOD the dimarzio bluesbuckers it OUTSTANDING..very similar to the duncan quarter pound but noiseless and a little fatter. Sounds awful on a clean amp for what I like (not bright enough) but totally sings for those Gary Moore type leads

Bridge pickup is a pretty nice crunchy PAF type thing that I can live with