Self built and self assembly ;)

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NippleWrestler wrote:Why not sign up for a community shed and use the tools there and learn how to build guitars? Electrics are pretty straight forward.

I would imagine it is much like brewing beer though. Making good beer is easy, once you've learned a few of the tricks, but until you've learned them you'll make a lot of average beer.

There's a couple of guys at work who made great beer straight away, because I taught them the tricks first.
Jehu wrote:The Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson is also putting together a course for next year... run by the guy from Goldbeard guitars (no experience).

This course has been going for quite some time, but Goldbeard has just taken it over. Seems to be based on the course that Paddy offers in Wellington.
I've done a few builds with Trevor.

He's a close friend.

I would recommend him any day