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BY Mike Clayton
I've now had a chance to play my Strat through the new Vibroverb. She's quiet and sounds warm with clarity wrapped in lush Fender reverb. Totally blackface :). I'm unable to crank her up yet but can't wait to hear her opened up. Here's a couple of pics of the finished product.
Vibroverb Front.jpeg
Vibroverb Front.jpeg (3.63 MiB) Viewed 125 times

Vibroverb Back.jpeg
Vibroverb Back.jpeg (2.47 MiB) Viewed 125 times
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BY Mike Clayton
Build cost (that's the parts cost plus BG's cab) totalled $2535.00. It's by far the most expensive amp I've ever built. I already had the casters so didn't count them LOL! I didn't scrimp on valves using TAD stuff mostly. Actually, I didn't scrimp on anything really but did use a slightly microphonic long plate 12AT7 for the PI (it sounds great and mild microphony doesn't much matter in that position).
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BY Mike Clayton
jvpp wrote:Shoot, looks like the real McCoy :thumbup: You guys can go in the counterfeit business... :wink:

Well she's pretty much identical to the real thing! I think I'd better blur out the Fender badge if I advertise it at some point later.
I hope it sounds like the real thing too...