Amp tinkerers and people who aren't afraid of 700 volts or so in here....

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I've been having a play on this set up this afternoon.
Paul loaned me one of his builds which (I believe) is based on the original style 5c5 Bassman.
Playing a Strat through it, plugged into a cab with a Celestion green and blue is unreal. Great breakup at 9 o'clock on the volume and it just saturates into creamy overdrive from 12 o'clock onwards.
What an amp! It's got a cool back story too (Paul can tell it!).
Can I keep it pleeeeeeaaaassssseeeee!!!!!

Amp started out doing service in a cinema in the small south Canterbury town of Geraldine. It was used there from about 1965-2000.

I procured the chassis and iron last year and built it up using a fender 5c5 schematic. Tube line up is 6sl7 as preamp and phase inv with nos coke bottle 6L6g's in the power stage. It's cathode biased so is only really good for about 30w.

For shits and giggles I used ww2 cloth wire (straight out of its crepe paper packaging) and hand wired it. It would have no impact on tone but I like the challenge of making new 'old' stuff.

It is for sale at $400+post if anyone's keen.

Cheers Paul
I had a chance today to really give the Jansen a blast and see what it's made of. When I tried it out at Pauls place I took a Les Paul Deluxe with mini humbuckers as my test guitar. Now that it's home and i've got a few more guitar options to work with I discovered that this is totally a single coil amp!
That would make sense when you think that it was built in 1962, all of Jansens guitars were single coils and this was voiced to suit Jansen guitars!
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Cranking the volume on this obviously encourages the amp into overdrive but the real star control here is the voicing one. I always thought it was a tone control but what it actually does is add gain. Paul thinks this is running at about 3.5 watts so that means I have great single coil, tube overdriven tone at VERY low volume.
I am a very happy chap. Thankyou Paul, you're the man.
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I tried Pauls 5c5 Bassman through a cab with two 10 inch Webers in it as well. I was totally expecting it to lack the gut punch and tone that my previous tests through dual 12 inch Celestions provided but i'm very happy to report it sounded amazing with the Webers as well. Half Bassman? For what it's worth, it totally eats my re-issue 4x10 Bassman for breakfast.
Someone needs to buy this.