Amp tinkerers and people who aren't afraid of 700 volts or so in here....

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I would like a simple, dynamic, home built 1 watt (or low wattage) valve amp for a little bit of home fun. Something that cleans up or distorts with the volume knob on your guitar.
I have a Jansen 5 watt amp box with still functioning 12 inch Rola speaker and original chassis, less a bunch of parts I gave away a long time ago.
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I think it would be cool to utilise these bits into a functioning amp. If the old bits are worth tons (they're not) and someone is willing to give me lots of money for them (no-one would) then it would be worth a resto. Seeing as it's not, does anyone have any experience with building little amps?
Could you do it for me and have it work with these components?
For relatively cheap?!
Champ, Deluxe, Plexi etc, all sounds work for me.
Any ideas folks?
Mattallica wrote:There was that one fella on the forum a while back doing just this... can't remember his name. He was in chch too. Jim (Miniforklift) bought some valves off him??

PaulW, he is on here but don't think he checks in that regularly. Have his contact details if you needed to get in touch with him. Great guy and he's built tons of small amps, very knowledgeable bloke :thumbup:
Rebuilt. Finished pics attached

I couldn't get a copy of the original circuit so put something close together using other Jansen schematics. For the power stage, I used a 6v6.

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Original speaker was knackered, so was replaced. The original tremolo can was a bit problematic, requiring a new light dependant resistor.

I tried to only use components that were available in NZ in the 60s, so it has mustard caps, Philips resistors, McMurdo sockets and beacon transformers.

I am happy with the end result. It is much less noisy than anticipated and breaks up nicely at low volume. A fun project.