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Re: Blues Breaker pedal users

Post by Reg18 »

robthemac wrote: Mon Mar 13, 2023 8:28 pm Wifey helped me out with a bit of testing tonight.

Both switches do something to my ears. Top switch to the right (standard BB) is a little brighter, less compressed, lower gain. Bottom switch to the left (non-standard) does the same thing to my ears. I did some blind tests where she put the switches in various positions with me unable to see the pedal, and I could guess whether each switch was left or right each time.

Also tried hitting the front end of the BB with a treble booster. That was cool.

When I get a chance to do daytime testing, I was to try it with pushed amps, instead of volume on 1-2.
I never expected such a thorough testing experiment! Above and beyond my friend!

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Re: Blues Breaker pedal users

Post by robthemac »

Ok, Strat back up and running so could properly put this through its paces.

Conclusions are pretty much as above. Excellent low-medium gain overdrive. Loved the Strat, but played nicely with a 335 too. I much preferred having the boost control set to zero, then dialling in volume and gain to taste. It got a bit wooly when the boost control was added to the mix, but if you're a Hotcake fan I can see how this might have a place.

The switches are interesting. Personally, I think the bottom switch is subtle enough to not be useful. The top switch actually worked really well for switching between Strat and 335. Basically, have it set to the right for the 335, then when switching to the Strat flick it to the left to add a little bit of gain and cut some treble. It would be useful in a live setting, saving having to adjust each of volume/tone/gain.

Stacking-wise, it preferred being a receiver rather than a giver. I tried it with a treble booster and TC Spark, and hitting the Bluesbreaker with anything but the 'Mid' setting on the Spark worked great. I didn't find many good sounds using the BB into other gain pedals (usual Klon/Rat/TS flavours).

When it comes to amps, it didn't seem to mind any of my DR, Plexi or Tweed.

Looks great, build quality seems solid. If I didn't already have a pedal that can do a very similar job (Strymon Sunset), I'd be asking Reg to name his price. All in all, great pedal, Reg.
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