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Post by NippleWrestler »

I've been playing around with this circuit for a while.

It's a boost/od/almost fuzz built around a couple of MOSFETs then with a much tinkered tone stack to offer a pretty wide variety of tones through a deceptively simple looking bass and treble.

My plan was to have a pedal that wouldn't colour things too much (unless you wanted it to) but would give you more of the sound you like. So if that's more weight, more sparkle, more grit, more whatever, it could be found through some easy dialing. With my strat I'd run a bit of gain and roll in some bass for a bit of extra body and turn the volume a little past unity for a fatter thicker tone than I was getting otherwise. It can get fuzzy and it'll do doom but that's more of a nice bonus than the intention.

With my LP I like to run the gain a bit higher, the bass and treble almost equal at about 7 and gain 2/3 or so for a pretty nice rock sound.


Excuse the dust. Glossy knobs show off everything.

I recorded a bit of shit noodling because someone asked for a demo of sorts. ALl i've got is some reverb that I forgot to turn off, and some EQ to chop off below 80hz and above 10khz but the middle is left as was.

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Re: Annapurna

Post by Rog »

I bought an Annapurna jacket in Nepal. Lovely warm snow jacket. As for your pedal - I like it!
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