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BY Marshmallow
Hi Guys,

I've almost run out of vintage parts for pedal building here in Japan. I brought them over from New Zealand haha. I was wondering if there's an online shop where I can but vintage capacitors and resistors for a pedal project?

Have finished this simple treble booster and works like a treat! However I want to try and make other pedals. Thanks!!

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BY Reg18
I’m no help for a supplier but just wanted to commend you on the build! Looks awesome! I’ve been wanting to do exactly this for ages, however I can’t even get a basic SHO boost working so doubt I’d be able to get some vintage parts working any better.
BY Jay
Nice. Is that a bc109 or so circuit? 600V rating is a bit overkill?
Hi All,

THanks for your message! yea i found one here in japan selling vintage parts called Sakuraya! Could buy them for cheap so I'm sorted. I'll be making a dumble pedal clone with vintage parts soon and see how it goes
jvpp wrote:Nice. Is that a bc109 or so circuit? 600V rating is a bit overkill?

Haha it is overkill, purely for aesthetic only :) Besides they look awesome with a glass backing. Haha
Snarblinge wrote:eBay is about your only real option, there are a few googleable hifi parts stores that have overpriced caps and resistors, but eBay is your best bet.

I found this shop called sakuraya in japan, i think you can also order online. They have lots of vintage parts for cheap haha.